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    Interpol Lawyers

    If you have received a red notice from Interpol or have been mentioned on one, please reach out to us immediately.

    Red notices are issued when a country seeks the location and arrest of wanted individuals in order to extradite them. As a result, an INTERPOL Red Notice may severely restrict a person’s liberty, mobility, and ability to conduct business. It might have a severe influence on one’s reputation, as well as the closing of bank accounts.

    Many individuals will not be aware that a Red Notice has been sent, even though it will be posted on the INTERPOL website. Even if there is an extradition agreement in place between countries, a Red Notice may result in an arrest. Even if an extradition request is denied, a Red Notice is almost certainly going to remain active.

    They can be the result of politically motivated criminal actions or civil squabbles. We often assist professionals who encounter a Red Notice as part of hostile civil litigation, and where the prospect of criminal prosecution is recognized.

    Because no two situations are the same, any technique will differ from one case to another. However, it is certain that clients require expert and experienced consultants to assist them in achieving the greatest possible results.

    This is where Interpol lawyers come to your rescue.

    Removal of Interpol Red Notices

    Submissions to the Commission of the Control of Files (“CCF”) may be made in order to have INTERPOL Red Notices removed on a variety of grounds usually under the grounds that they breach INTERPOL’s Constitution and its Rules on the Process of Data.INTERPOL does not publish all Red Notices on its website. Only 7,000 of the over 58,000 INTERPOL Red Notices are publicly available.

    Refugee policy

    The processing of Red Notices against refugees is prohibited by INTERPOL’s Refugee Policy, and it will not be accepted if :

    (1) The status of the refugee has been confirmed.;

    (2) the notice is requested by the country where the individual fears persecution; 

    (3) The decision to grant refugee status is not based on politics.

    As a result, there are numerous human rights concerns that might lead to a Red Notice being cancelled, including:

    • There should be no discrimination against people. (Article 2 UN Declaration of Human Rights)
    • The Right to Life, Liberty, and Security (Article 3 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights)
    • The right to be protected from torture and cruel and inhumane punishment. (UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 5)
    • Every person has the right to an effective remedy before competent national tribunals for acts that violate his or her fundamental rights protected by the constitution or law. (United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, Article 8)
    • No one should be arbitrarily detained, arrested, or exiled. (Article 9 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights)
    • The right to a fair trial (UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 10)
    • The right to a fair hearing is in accordance with the law (UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 11).
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    Avocat International- Your search for the best Interpol lawyers ends here!

    We’ve assisted customers in navigating the procedure of challenging and dealing with the consequences through our knowledge with INTERPOL Red Notices. Our firm’s Expert Interpol attorneys are well-versed in working with lawyers and experts alongside managing reputations in high-profile cases.

    Avocat provides legal advice on a wide range of criminal charges.

    With extensive expertise in criminal defense, a sterling reputation for leadership in the market, and a track record of proven success, we take a methodical approach to legal advice to construct a sturdy case-tailored team tailored to the specific demands of each and every client. Our commitment to each and every client distinguishes us from the competition.

    If you require assistance, are being investigated, or if you are being sued, please contact us right away on , or alternatively send us an email. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

    Thuan Dit DIEUDONNÉ Avocat’s main areas of expertise are international public and private law, particularly in the defense of human rights and freedoms.

    As an advocate, he appears before all local and international law courts in France and abroad.

    As well as settling international disputes between companies and states, he also represents individuals

    Whether it be criminal cases or Interpol red notices, Avocat International represents clients in complex legal cases.

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    How we can help

    • We can interact with INTERPOL before or after a Red Notice is issued (to prevent it).
    • We can assist you in challenging a Red Notice.
    • We’re frequently called upon to handle cases that require a multi-faceted approach, including not only INTERPOL but also the relevant authorities in the country where the person is based.

    Our approach

    • Key Skills: Getting rid of or correcting a Red Notice can be time-consuming, unpredictable, and stressful. We have the knowledge and capacity to devise the most successful approach to assist clients in these trying circumstances. We are familiar with all of the existing interpolar regulations.
    • Connectivity and Networking: We collaborate with our worldwide network of reputable local attorneys as necessary, negotiate with UK authorities to minimize the impact of a Notice if feasible, or engage with specialists to create the strongest possible case against a customer’s name.
    • Awareness, Knowledge and Experience: We’re well aware of the significance of reputation management, and we frequently work with our certified reputation management experts to assist clients who are having similar difficulties, such as WorldCheck listings.
    • Client is our top most priority: Interpol red notices are a source of worry and anxiety for families. We make certain to assist those affected by our experience. If you’re one of them, please contact us.


    What crimes go on INTERPOL?

    INTERPOL’s General Secretariat runs through a variety of specialized units, including public safety and terrorism, human trafficking, organized crime, financial and high-tech crime, drug abuse and trafficking, intellectual property crime, and anti-corruption to carry out the organization’s objective.

    How can I find out if I have an INTERPOL Red Notice issued?

    You may look up INTERPOL’s website for the “wanted persons” listing. Some but not all Red Notices are included in this part of the database. If your name is found on this page, it will also provide a broad summary of the crime you are wanted for, such as ‘theft.’

    Can INTERPOL make arrests anywhere?

    INTERPOL has no authority to force law enforcement agencies in any country to arrest a person named on a Red Notice. Each country determines its own legal significance for a Red Notice and the authority of its law enforcement officials to make arrests.

    How long does a Red Notice last?

    Interpol Red Notices have a five-year expiration date unless the country that requested their issue or the General Secretary revokes them sooner.

    How many RED NOTICES are there?

    There are approximately 69,270 genuine Red Notices in circulation, with roughly 7,500 of them being public. Most Red Notices are used only by law enforcement.

    Who are the subjects of RED NOTICES?

    Individuals wanted for prosecution or sentenced imprisonment who have escaped their jurisdiction are identified by Red Notices. It’s due to the country that submitted the request’s legal process. This is not always the person’s birthplace, but it is where the crime was committed. A person is assumed innocent while under investigation for indictment until proven guilty. A person on trial is someone who has been convicted by a court in the issuing country.

    What checks are done before a RED NOTICE is issued?

    Each Red Notice is subjected to a thorough verification process by a dedicated team to ensure that it follows our regulations. This review covers the material available at the time of publication. After the Red Notice is issued, the General Secretariat is notified of any new and timely information that comes to its attention. The case is reopened if this happens.

    Are the individuals wanted by INTERPOL?

    No, they are sought by a country or an international court. INTERPOL has no authority to force any country’s law enforcement authorities to arrest someone who is the subject of a Red Notice. Each country determines its own legal value for a Red Notice and the power of their law enforcement officials to arrest people.

    What should I do if I have information on an individual?

    If you have knowledge of this crime, please contact your local police department and/or the INTERPOL General Secretariat.

    Why are RED NOTICES important?

    They are used to simultaneously notify police from all our member countries about wanted suspects who are wanted in other nations. Other countries’ law enforcement can then be on the lookout for them and request a Red Notice to assist in extradition procedures. Red Notices are a useful tool in the fight against crime, assisting law enforcement officials to bring offenders to justice years after the initial felony was committed.

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