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    Human Rights Lawyer

    Whether you have been accused of human rights violations or are a victim of such infringement, contact our legal team immediately to get the best legal support and guidance. 

    Human rights law firms operate on the principle that every human being is born free. They also believe that every individual has exactly the same human values and rights. Human rights law aims to protect these basic rights of people irrespective of their age, sex, religion, and ethnicity. They help in ensuring that all humans have a right to equality and human dignity along with basic civil rights. Human rights lawyers specialize in addressing such violations and defending the victims. They also help to frame the laws related to such issues. 

    The primary objective of human rights lawyers is to help deliver justice to their clients and establish important legal precedence. In most cases, people are unaware that their human rights have been violated. Even when they are aware of such violations, they are clueless about the steps they need to take to get justice and win the legal arguments. Avocat International is one of the highly renowned law firms operating in this niche. Under the able leadership of Mr. Grégory THUAN DIT DIEUDONNÉ, an international human rights lawyer, reliable legal advice and services are offered to people whose human rights have been violated. 


    Important Skills That Human Rights Lawyers Should Have to Offer Legal Aid

    Working as an international human rights lawyer is quite challenging as they need to advocate for the rights of people who are unable to do so themselves. This requires human rights lawyers to possess specific skills to make their jobs easier. We at Avocat International stress our human rights solicitors develop the following skills. 

    • Effective Communication: A human rights lawyer needs to interact with people having different personality types. The lawyers need to be able to communicate with them in a calm and clear manner to protect their human rights effectively. Hence developing this skill is considered to be of utmost importance by us at Avocat International. 
    • Great Writing Skills: Filing memos and addenda is an integral part of the job profile of human rights lawyers. Since these documents will be read by other experts within the legal profession, writing them in a clear and precise manner is extremely important. 
    • Ability to Debate, Persuade and Negotiate: Most human rights law firms are aware that their lawyers should be able to effectively negotiate, debate, and persuade the judges and the court to obtain justice for their clients. 
    • Potential To Conduct Extensive Research: Most human rights cases require lawyers to do research about human rights acts and the judgements delivered in other similar cases. The ability to do extensive research can prove extremely helpful for lawyers at such times. 
    • High Level of Resilience: Defending human rights law can be emotionally draining, which makes it extremely important for lawyers to develop a high level of resilience. It helps the lawyers to keep working for other clients even after suffering setbacks or experiencing failures. 
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    Avocat International- The Best Place to Get the Most Competent Human Rights Lawyer

    We are one of the leading human rights law firms offering the most reliable advice and guidance to clients dealing with these issues. We take pride in being capable of championing the rights of people who are less privileged and standing up to governments and global corporations to protect their rights. Our team of human rights solicitors is well versed in handling a wide range of infringement issues across the globe. 

    Under the aegis of Mr. Grégory THUAN DIT DIEUDONNÉ, Avocat International has been offering legal council on a wide range of human rights violation issues and has achieved acclaim from solicitors’ regulation authority. 

    Our extensive expertise in this specific niche has helped people in their fight against unfair treatment and excesses by both governments and businesses in human rights courts across the globe. With our track record of proven success, we have been able to change the lives of countless people for the good. 

    We are driven by the passion to ensure justice for the victims and survivors of human right abuses. Our human rights team believes that upholding human rights law helps to build a better society and we are just playing a small part in ensuring the same. We adhere to the various international agreements, protocols, and conventions that protect the human rights law to uphold their sanctity and uniformity. 

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    How our Human Right Lawyers Can Help?

    • We offer legal advice and services to help you get a fair chance at justice. 
    • With their hands-on experience, our human rights solicitor assists you with the claim assessment process and the various options available to you. 
    • Our human rights solicitor presents your case at international human rights courts to ensure that you get the benefit of a fair judicial process. 

    Our approach

    Our approach to offer human rights advice and services is pretty straightforward. We believe that every case is unique and hence needs to be handled in a unique manner. In keeping with this policy, we follow the guidelines given below while fighting your human rights violations cases. 

    • Hold multiple interactive sessions to understand the specific right that has been violated and find the best ways to resolve the issue within or outside the court of law. 
    • Offer advice and suggestions about the best course of action to take to ensure the delivery of justice rapidly and without causing much physical. emotional, or financial hassles to the client. 
    • The team of human rights lawyers work to assist with the filing of petitions in case the clients want to fight for justice in a court of law and prepare to represent them while informing them of all possible outcomes. 
    • Help the clients with the claim assessment process and inform them about the various options available to them to make an informed choice. 


    What are human rights?

    Human rights are the basic rights all individuals possess because they are human beings. These rights cannot be taken away by any government or entity and are protected by a set of special laws known as human rights law. These are elaborately laid down in the Human Rights Act. 

    What is human rights violation?

    Any act that harms the basic human rights of an individual is considered to be a violation of the rights. people may violate the fundamental human rights of other individuals either verbally, physically, or emotionally. In each case, it is considered a crime and is punishable under the law. 

    What is the underlying principle of human rights?

    Human rights are based on the principle that all people are born free and equal. It believes that every person has the right to equality and dignity and any infringement of these rights is a crime against humanity. 

    What are the four most important human rights?

    The four most important human rights in accordance with the Human Rights Act include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, and the right to work and education. Every person is entitled to these rights without any discrimination. 

    Do criminals and terrorists also have human rights?

    All humans, irrespective of their age, sex, religion, beliefs, and occupation possess human rights. Hence, all criminals, terrorists, and other anti-social people involved in unfair practices also possess these rights. This is irrespective of the fact that such people are generally responsible for violating the same rights of other individuals. 

    How can I defend my human rights?

    Before seeking legal intervention from a barrister specializing in the subject of human rights issues, it is important to first understand if and how they have been violated. Once it has been established that your rights have been violated, you can seek legal counsel and support to learn about the best course of action for human rights cases. You should contact reputable human rights law firms, like Avocat International, to get reliable advice and guidance. 

    From whom can I claim my human rights?

    Almost all basic human rights, listed in various international documents, are claimed against your government or state officials. Human rights law offers protection to people against oppression by the state. So, in case of any violations, you need to claim them from the state or its representatives. 

    Does the problem of human rights violations happen only in non-democratic countries?

    Human rights violations do not have anything to do with whether a county is democratic or not. The fact that no country in the world has a completely clean human rights record to this day proves the same. However, democratic countries do have a better job of protecting the human rights of their citizens as compared to non-democratic ones. 

    Is it necessary to find a human rights lawyer in my area only?

    When it comes to hiring the services of human rights solicitors, the location of the clients does not matter much. Victims can seek the services of local or international lawyers and even seek justice from international human rights courts. Avocat International offers is committed to providing the same quality and commitment to all clients seeking human rights justice irrespective of their location. 

    How can human rights impact my daily life?

    Human rights promote key values that drive a civil society. These include fairness, dignity, equality and respect. They help to protect individuals, establish trust in the justice system and public law, and eliminate abuse, neglect, and isolation. 

    Who should I contact in case I need to address human rights violation legally?

    It is advisable to seek the advice of expert solicitors to address the issue of human rights violations legally. Law firms like Avocat International have expert legal teams headed by international human rights lawyers to help clients who might be facing such issues. 

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